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Elmbridge Council – Councillor’s Meeting Attendance Record

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Following our last piece on the controversy caused by the the Elmbridge Borough Council Cabinet (made up of a coalition of the Liberal Democrats and a further coalition of various resident associations across the borough) awarding themselves a 12.4% raise in allowances we thought it would be very interesting to do some analysis of the published record of attendance figures for our local elected representatives.

Municipal Years 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016

First of all we have aggregated Council Meeting attendance of all Councillors who have held the position in their ward in each of the 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 municipal years and are still representing their wards in the 2016-2017 municipal year.

(Meeting attendance figures for the 2016-2017 municipal year will be available in May 2017).

And it makes very interesting reading…..

A congratulatory mention should go to Cllr Christine Elmer (Walton South) for being the only Councillor never to have missed a single meeting across the 3 years of our sample.

Equally, it would be remiss of us not to draw attention to the attendance record of Cllr Roy Green (Hersham Village) who is awarded the Civic Wooden Spoon (by quite some distance) for being the only Councillor whose attendance falls lower than 75%, missing 28 meetings he was expected to attend.

Links to the minutes of the meetings where these attendance figures were agreed and approved can be found in the ‘Resources‘ section at the bottom of this page.

17th February update: One of your Councillors, a certain Cllr Roy Green of Hersham Village, has since contacted us rather upset that we had highlighted his extremely poor attendance record over the last 3 years.

He has gone on record as stating his attendance this year has been 99.9% missing only one meeting as he went to the wrong room.

Now maths isn’t our strong point but that does suggest he has attended nine hundred and ninety nine (999!) meetings in the last 8 months!

We will be looking forward to the publication of the 2016-2017 attendance figures in May to get independent verification of the official attendance figures.

14th March Update: We received an email from a concerned resident highlighting that Cllr Green of Hersham Village was also heavily criticised in the local press as far back as 2007 for his ridiculously low attendance record

Reaching the dizzy heights of turning up for a mere 15% of his allocated meetings!


Are you an Elmbridge Councillor? Can you match Cllr Green’s work rate?




Attendance during Municipal Year 2015 to 2016

We also thought it would be beneficial to show the approved attendance figures just for municipal Year 2015 – 2016 (the most recent available), again we have only shown details of attendance for those Councillors who are still representing their wards in municipal year 2016 to 2017.

Gold Stars go to Cllrs. Ian Donaldson, Victor Eldridge, Christine Elmer, Andrew Kelly, Mary Sheldon and Janet Turner for 100% attendance.

‘Could Try Harder’ for Cllrs. Alan Palmer, Lewis Brown and Roy Green for making up the bottom 3!

Links to the minutes of the meetings where these attendance figures were agreed and approved can be found in the ‘Resources‘ section at the bottom of this page.

The meetings included for the purposes of attendance figures shown below are the following that report to the Council:

Cabinet; Audit & Standards Committee; Licensing Committee; Overview & Scrutiny Committee; Planning Committee; Licensing Sub-Committee; Area Planning Sub-Committees; Appointments Sub-Committee; and Local Plan Working Group.
In addition, the attendance figures also include attendance by Members at various Task & Working Groups and Board level meetings.

Where the Council’s Constitution allows for the appointment of a replacement member or temporary substitute for a Committee or Sub-Committee etc., the attendance figures provided overleaf take into account full substitution details, in order to reflect attendance in relation to the membership of a particular Committee or Sub-Committee etc.

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Elmbridge Borough Council:

Annual Meeting of the Council – 18th May 2016
Annual Meeting of the Council – 20th May 2015
Annual Meeting of the Council – 4th June 2014


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